Meet the team:

Loves an excel spreadsheet. 
B is the quickest wrapper & packer at The Hire Haus
and can get an order ready before the invoice is even printed. 
Her favourite saying is, "you're late if you're on time" (no pressure).
She is obsessed with asian food and prefers to have
supper while the sun is still up. 



You will never find Ingrid without her vape.
Or a pair of earrings on.
She loves a bit of animal print.
In fact, everything is more fabulous in a leopard print. 
Thanks to her, all our displays are lined up perfectly and symmetrically,
like soldiers in an army.
Ingrid's buying eye keeps The Hire Haus up to date and on trend.



Cara is our resident wedding planner and
the most organised person this side of the equator.
She loves an instant email response and keeps our inbox oh so tidy.
Cara does not sweat the small stuff and gets the job done faster than lightning.
Her love and passion for wine farms extends beyond just wedding planning.
As long as there is wine, she is there.
A cheese board is always an added incentive too.


Our resident chef and baker (she has 3 courses for lunch) 
Generally, her first question is, "What's for lunch?".
She loves to cut bubble wrap like its wrapping paper. 
Andrea is not our fastest packer but
keeps everyone at The Hire Haus on their toes with her quality control.